Solid Pure Brass Tags

C464 Naval Standard Marine-Grade Brass

These Brass Tags are solid C464 (Naval Brass) and, as the name suggests, they are made from brass that is extremely resistant to corrosion and wear and tear - that's why this particular alloy is used in marine environments.

They are a substantial 1.5mm thick and are deep-engraved to between 300 and 500 microns (one-third to one-half of a millimetre), resulting in totally permanent lettering that will probably take centuries of use to wear out.

Why Brass is a Good Choice

Brass has natural antimicrobial properties. Most germs do not survive very long on brass objects. Even the MRSA bacteria will die within a couple of hours of settling on brass. Brass is also very resistant to corrosion and, while it may tarnish over time, it will not rust like iron or mild steel. It can easily be brought back to a shiny lustre using a metal polish and a soft cloth.

Brass Tags are our most popular products due to these unique qualities, and account for more than half the tags we sell.

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