We have an extensive portfolio of work showcasing our input and the results.

Tagmakers has assisted in the design - and the application of these designs - of numerous branded items across a wide range of industries. As can be seen, many of the products are tangible objects where a design has had to be incorporated into an object that has a functional purpose.

Here, we showcase a small handful of many hundreds of projects in which we have had involvement. In most cases, we have worked with the advertising/promotional agencies of the companies showcased, and/or a product manufacturer who has been contracted to produce a branded item.

Warner Music Grammy Awards 2018

For their 2018 Grammy Awards party in New York, Warner Music sent out a large Golden Key invitation to all the music celebrities.
The key had to match the theme and be engineered to a high precision to fit into a custom-crafted box that was sent to all invitees.
Graphnix assisted by creating the 2-dimensional graphics indicating all dimensions and design specifications for this complex project.

Grammy Invite Golden Key

Artist Residence Hotels

Artist Residence is a boutique hotel group with hotels in several UK cities. Their branding involves bespoke items in antique brass. Tagmakers assisted in the compilation of keyfob designs, creating the necessary graphics that would be converted to suitable formats for precision mechanical engraving.

Artist Residence Brass Keyfobs

Goring Hotel London

The Goring Hotel in London is one of the world's finest independent hotels and frequently hosts A-list personalities (including members of the Royal Family).

The Goring maintains proud traditions, including brass keyfobs for their rooms and cloakroom service.

Tagmakers assisted with the configuration of their corporate ID for application on various brass objects, notices and signage.

Goring Hotel Design

Monster Energy Drinks

Monster Energy Drinks holds annual staff conventions which are attended by staff members from all their global divisions.

Several thousand people attend these events, and to enable people to get to know each other, each staff member is handed a branded ID tag on a steel ballchain. The front has the iconic Monster logo, and on the back is the person's name and date they joined the company.

Tagmakers assisted with the configuration of their corporate ID for application on these tags, as well as the configuration of the large data-file of names, from which each tag was personalised.

Monster Energy Staff ID tags

Formula 1 Racing

Formula 1 required several hundred durable identification discs to attach to the the numerous video cameras and microphones used during a Formula 1 event.

The discs had to be tough, and holes applied allowing the discs to be fixed to the cables attached to the equipment.

Tagmakers assisted with the design specifications of these discs, determining an appropriate typeface (for good visibility) as well as the precision-positioning of the mounting holes.

Formula 1 Audio-Visual Equipment ID Discs

Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral underwent major refurbishment and re-design of their surrounding gardens earlier in the decade. This multi-million pound project required high-quality services and products from hundreds of specialists and professionals.

New paths and walkways in the cathedral gardens were to be inlaid with bronze discs as part of the new aesthetic. A special alloy of phosphor bronze was specified, to both complement the historical features of the cathedral, and to be hardwearing and durable in an exterior environment.

Tagmakers assisted with the design specifications of these discs, which had to be precision-engineered to within one-tenth of a millimetre.

Gloucester Cathedral Bronze Discs

Killhope Lead Mining Museum

Killhope Lead Mining Museum is a popular tourist attraction in the AONB Pennines.

Killhope's gift-shop asked us to design a keyring medallion, showcasing the iconic water-wheel that was used to power the mine's ore crusher in the 19th century - and which is a core element of the museum's corporate identity.

A visit to the mine resulted in scores of photographs being taken, which we then ran through Adobe software to remove the background, and accentuate the wheel's features. The design proofs were sent to a specialist medallion manufacturer in China, who converted the graphic into a 3D CAD vector for the mould. The result is this striking medallion which is selling well in the museum's gift shop.

Killhope Mining Museum Medallions

Lanesborough Hotel Marble Arch London

The Lanesborough Hotel in London is another of the capital's most luxurious hotels.

Lanesborough required a large set of cloakroom tokens and tags, on a gold-coloured metal, that was functional, durable, easy to clean and completely inert and hygienic.

A special anodised aluminium substrate was chosen as this material met the design requirements. Tagmakers composed the layout and design of the template, from which several hundred cloakroom tokens were produced.

Lanesborough Hotel Cloakroom Tokens

KLM Airlines

KLM Airlines Maintenance Division.

KLM's maintenance division at Norwich International Airport services the fleet's aircraft.

The company required several sets of tool ID tags that met exacting aerospace specifications. The tags form part of a safety audit process to account for all tooling used when servicing the jets. Tagmakers assisted with the design and format of the tags, to be used in conjunction with the system of tool-marking and stainless steel pegging boards.

KLM Airlines Tool Audit Tags

V&A Museum London

V&A Museum New Reception Guest Cloakroom Token Sets.

When the V&A Museum completed the multi-million pound entrance project they required new and prestigious cloakroom tokens.

Tagmakers assisted in the design of these sets, which comprised a branded customer token and a matching (larger) numbered tag for attaching to the guests' items. Over 600 sets were manufactured.

V&A Cloakroom token sets

Tails dot Com - Staff Award medallion

Gold Medallion Graphics and Design for Tails.com.

These medallions required incorporation of the Tails.com logo graphic on the medal, with rim-text on both the top and lower arcs of the medal.

Tagmakers structured the layout, and shaded the logo for etch-engraving on a PVD titanium-ion plated medallion.

Tails.com medallion

Estelle Manor Luxury Country Hotel

Brushed Brass cloakroom tag sets.

Estelle Manor Grade-2 listed property, formerly Eynsham Hall in Oxfordshire.

The Ennismore Group bought the estate and embarked on a multi-million pound project to create the Cotswold's most luxurious retreat. We assisted in shaping and configuring a range of precision-made brushed brass items, by designing the graphic elements based on the Estelle Manor logo. Accuracy and precision was a core requirement for this A-grade establishment. Several thousand objects were manufactured.

Estelle Manor Brushed Brass Items

Cheshire & Wain

Cheshire & Wain
Luxury Pet Accessories

Cheshire & Wain is the trading division of Luxury Pet Supplies, based in London.

The company manufactures high-quality pet accessories, and is known the world over for its presigious cat collars. We assisted in the design of various accessories and tags, to incorporate the C&W logo,as well as developing range of exclusive "cat-appropriate" tags.

Cheshire & Wain Products

Over the years we have been involved in the design of numerous unique products. Here we showcase a handful of these projects.

These projects range from jewellery and trinkets, fashion accessories and memoribilia, to book illustrations and other graphics.

Bronze Belt Buckle

The customer provided us with a photo taken from an 18th century dinner plate and required a cast bronze belt buckle in the same style.

Bubbles Children's Book

We drew and coloured all the images in this book.


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