Engraved Pet Tags - Tips for pet owners

Engraved Pet Tags ensure your pet will be identified

What to put on a pet tag

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While it is largely a matter of personal choice what you decide to engrave on your pet tag, bear in mind that the tag has one main function (in addition to being attractive and durable).

This function is to provide people with your contact information, so that if the pet goes missing, a person finding it will be able to either telephone you, or bring the pet back to your home address.

In the UK, the Dog Control Order of 1992 requires all dogs in a public place to have a tag attached to the collar, where the following information is displayed:

  • The owner's name (Initial and Surname are ok)
  • The owner's physical address
  • Ironically, the law does not require a telephone number on the tag, but it makes sense to have  number.

The law also requires that a dog is microchipped.

In some cases, pets with medical conditions may need additional information on the tag. Some dogs require daily medication and in these cases, your vet's telephone number is a good idea.

In general, the most important information to engrave on a pet tag is a telephone number (at the very least - one number).

The first line of your address and a postcode is sufficient today for your house / dwelling to be located.

The SIZE and SHAPE of the tag is also a factor. It is quite obvious that the smaller the tag - or the more irregular the shape is - the less information it can contain.

Certain tags can only be engraved on one side as there may be a picture or motif on the front of the pet tag.

If your pet is microchipped, then a line saying - "I'm chipped" , or "microchiped" - is a good idea.

Our system will automatically limit text input in the text fields on the product order pages.

If you find that a small pet tag does not give you sufficient space for the information you require, you may have to select a larger tag - or a pet tag that can be engraved on both sides.

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