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Just got 2 Medical ID Tags. I'm a pensioner with health problems & this is...


Brilliant service, ordered basic no frills tag and it was better quality...

Superb service.

I ordered four double sided 20mm aluminium tags. Two each for very small...

Brass Tags

Engraved Brass Tags are amongst the most popular

If you are looking for BLANK TAGS, please see our BLANK BRASS TAGS category.


We stock a wide range of quality brass tags for engraving, suitable for numerous marking and ID applications. Our Brass Tags are durable and resilient, and if you need them engraved, we deep-engrave them to guarantee that the text will not fade or rub away during the lifetime of the tag.


Brass is Safe and "healthy"

Brass has a natural ANIT-MICROBIAL property, and germs that settle on it seldom live longer than an hour or two. Even the most resistant and tough bacteria are known not to survive long on pure brass surfaces. Brass tags are therfore amongst the best types of tags to use for pet tags.


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