Engraved Tags

Precision engraving is essential if you want your tags to withstand the tests of time and constant usage.

Tagmakers understands this perfectly and have provided quality, deep-engraved tags to the general public, industry and commerce, charities, public-sector organisations, advertising agencies and pet owners both in the UK and internationally.

We use British-made engraving machines that are recognised as being amongst the world's finest, driven by software that ensures precision and clarity - and we select top-quality metal and plastic tags from the best manufacturers in the world.

Bespoke designs are our speciality, and we have made tags for hundreds of companies and thousands of private customers who have struggled to find an engraving company capable of producing unconventional designs and unique styles.

We also have one of the largest selections of standard tag styles in the UK.

With over 600 shapes, colours, metal finishes and sizes, tagmakers is indeed a One-Stop shop for your engraved tag needs.

Tagmakers will make or engrave a single tag for you, or tens of thousands... We have no minimum order quantity, and no restrictions on design and style. If you can't find standard tags that meet your needs, we'll do our utmost to manufacture them for you at a fair and reasonable price.

Browse our online shop, or SEND US A QUOTATION REQUEST.

We'll respond as soon as possible, with ideas, suggestions, costs and delivery timeframes.

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