Tree Tags - FAQ

Tagging Trees, Shrubs and other Plants

There are numerous options on the market for tagging and labelling trees and shrubs. The best solution for any given tagging situation depends on the specific need and purpose.

Some applications are temporary, and in such situations a relatively cheap and disposable tag would suffice.

Where a tag needs to resist weathering, degradation and damage from animals (eg: squirrels, birds, rodents and domestic livestock), a tough and resilient substrate is essential. At the same time, should an animal chew on the tag, the tag should be chemically inert, non-toxic and hygienically safe.

If the tag needs to last many years, it should be resistant to weathering, retain its engraved markings and be strong enough to retain its shape.

We supply a range of ANODISED ALUMINIUM tree tags that are extremely durable and tough.

Anodised Aluminium is perfect for exterior uses, and will not rust or tarnish over time. The material is safe, so won't harm animals should they chew or ingest it.

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