Solid Brass Disc Tags - 27mm



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This is an extremely durable and weather-proof, marine-grade brass disc. This Solid Brass Tag is probably the best we sell in terms of its capacity to withstand really rugged treatment year after year. As it is solid brass, it may deepen in colour and form a natural tarnish over time. This is normal. Gentle buffing with a brass polisher will restore the sheen; you can also apply Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish to inhibit tarnishing.

We engrave these to a depth of between 300 and 500 microns (0.3mm to 0.5mm), which ensures that the engraved text will last the full lifetime of the tag. The tag is a full 1.5mm thick, so has a substantial feel to it.

This Solid Pure Brass Tag is plain and simple, but it does its job better than any other - so if you are looking for a tag that you are unlikely to have to replace (unless you lose it), this is the one to go for.

As we say, this is possibly the best tag we make. They take more time to manufacture - each one is hand-cut from solid Brass sheet and de-burred in a barrel polisher, then given a thorough polishing on a buffing wheel, before being machine engraved.

They may take a little longer to get to you - but it's worth the wait.

Colour: Brass/gold effect
Engraving: Router deep-engraved. Note: We do not colour infill these tags.
Size: 27mm diameter
Each tag takes THREE lines of text on each side.

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