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This website is SSL SECURE - meaning that your shopping experience with us is SAFE and TRUSWORTHY. SEE WHY SSL IS IMPORTANT!


This website uses cookies to enable eCommerce functions. These are STRICTLY NECESSARY cookies that register your visit and give you a unique identity while you use the website. This enables the website to know who is ordering what... Without this essential ID, we have no way of knowing who is shopping, or for what, or what items may be in your shopping cart. In fact, without this tracking ID, you will not be able to shop, or check-out of this website.

ALL eCommerce shops need to set this session ID, so we are not unique.

This ID is NOT stored, but is erased about 20 minutes after you leave our site, or don't make any active clicks. The reason we allow for this short timeframe is because many visitors may link to our site, and shop around - then become "inactive" for a while - but then return to continue shopping with us.

It is NOT used for any remote tracking of any kind and cannot identify you or collect any personal data.


We collect data as follows:-

  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Telephone Number(s)
  • Your Bank Card Billing Address
  • Your specified Delivery Address(es) (if different from your Bank Card Billing Address). You can also specify the Name of a different recipient if the Delivery Address must be different.

The above information is stored on our servers, and can be modified or updated by you at any stage. This is done by logging into your account on this website, and going to the "My Account" page by following that link in the site's header (right at the top of the screen).

You can ask us to REMOVE (delete) all (or part) of the above information by:-

  • sending us a letter (see CONTACT US page for address),
  • sending an email via our CONTACT US page,
  • or calling on us in person.

Data we do NOT store:-

We do NOT store any bank account details, bank account numbers, credit card numbers (including CVV number on the back of the card).

Bank Card information is passed to our Payment Processors only during your checkout process in order to effect the due payment for your order. It is sent over a SSL secure connection, so it is strongly encrypted while being sent over the internet.



We will use SSL at all stages where sensitive information is being transmitted via our systems. Whenever you submit personal data, write us a message, or complete an order, the website will invoke SSL. You can check this by looking at the address bar in your browser. SSL connections will have the prefix "HTTPS://" as opposed to non-secure "HTTP://".

Our web servers meet PCI/DSS standards, complying with security standards in the global banking industry.



We DO NOT collect or store credit card numbers, bank account numbers or online banking login data.

How we take your payment(s):-

  1. FOR BANK CARD PAYMENTS - We use PayPal and Square - allowing us to take bank card payments directly from our website.
  2. PAYPAL ACCOUNT PAYMENTS - We use PayPal Express Payments to process payments from a PayPal account. If you choose this option, you are taken to PayPal's secure website where you complete your payment, before being returned to the TagMakers website.

You can choose which of these two payment processes you prefer, when you reach the checkout phase of your visit.

Your payment is processed immediately, meaning that your bank card (or PayPal account if you choose this option) will be debited immediately you confirm your order and agree to pay.

Our web servers meet PCI/DSS standards, complying with security standards in the global banking industry.

Please do not send cash, cheques, postal orders, money orders, or credit card numbers via email or through the post. Provide a telephone number in your correspondence and we will phone you for card details.

We have the authority from our payment processor to take card details over the phone, and will need your full name (as shown on the card), the card details, AND the card billing address.

We do not store this information. We use it to immediately process your payment and all record of it is destroyed in line with our bank's requirements for data handling.

We do not accept cheques, neither do we offer credit terms.



We adhere to the provisions of the UK Data Privacy Act. We will never sell or distribute your personal information to a third party. It is necessary to submit your personal information to the payment gateway services and banks used on this site. This is essential and contributes to fraud prevention and data theft.

You may request that we remove any data we have about you. You can view ALL DATA we have stored about you in the My Account pages of this website.

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