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Cheaper Elsewhere...?

Perhaps you have seen a similar tag at a lower price elsewhere. The critical element of the tag - the engraving - is what matters. If a tag is cheaper, it is usually because the engraving is done quickly and cheaply, often using machines that cannot deep-engrave. Nearly 25% of all pet tags we sell are to replace poor quality tags from other suppliers. Don't make the error of buying cheap... for a maginally higher price with us, you get quality - and we guarantee that.

TagmakersDeep Engraved Pet Tags

Tagmakers deep engraves all pet tags. This ensures the text will not fade or rub off - ever.

Comparison between a cheap eBay aluminium tag and our quality tags

You will notice that the cheap aluminium tag on the left is anodised on the surface only, showing that the tag is cut from a pre-anodised sheet of aluminium. Our aluminium tags are cut FIRST, then anodised to a very thick 7 to 10 microns. This is more expensive, but results in a tag of far superior quality and durability.


MORE eBay "Specials"


Poor quality, soft metal tags from eBay which broke apart within days.


Here we have two rather nice looking tags from eBay at £3.99, that lasted just a few days on our "test dog". Made from a soft metal alloy, the attachment loop soon broke. The result... a lost tag - and £8 down the drain. With these examples in the photo, we applied minimal force to the tag, and the loop snapped. The actual tags our test dog was wearing are somewhere amongst the brambles in the neighbouring field.

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