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Dog tags

Great service very fast delivery thank you stainless dog tags really nice...

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Ordered a name tag for my spaniel which arrived with an omission and it...

Great Service

Ordered a tag one night and within 2 days it was delivered. Brilliant...


January 2017

Big demand for bespoke designs

In the first two weeks of January we have had over 30 enquiries from new or start-up companies who require custom-made tags. These range from fashion designers, artists, industrial consultants and designers, to plumbers, electricians and builders. Brexit seems to be having a positive effect on new business start-ups. This time last year we had a third of this number of enquiries from new businesses.

Tagmakers is well-positioned to help most start-up and small companies who need tags (for whatever purpose) and can produce these on both small and large scales. Of the 30 enquiries we received up to 17 January, we have had 18 confirmed orders, with another 6 "pending".

Faster, Easier and Better - our website is improving

Unprecedented growth in the use of mobile devices to browse the web is catching many website owners "off-guard". Websites that server both private consumers and businesses face a challenge. Business customers need more detailed information, while domestic customers prefer less. Careful analysis of our customer profiles in both sectors shows that businesses look for different types of products in our ranges. So we have re-organised the site to cater for both types of customer. Cross-navigation will help people get to the right category faster.


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