Metal Tags

Uses and advantages of Metal Tags

Worldwide, metal tags are used across all industries and business sectors to mark and identify products, components, machines, parts and items. Metal tags are durable, resilient and when engraved properly, will retain their marking functions for the lifetime of the item being marked - and probably way beyond that lifetime.

A wide variety of metal tags is available on the market. Tagmakers carries a broad range of metal tags in both popular metals such as brass, aluminium and steel, as well as special alloys containing zinc, chrome and (in some cases) precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum.

Metal tags intended for use as pet tags, or tags that people may wear as fashion or jewellery items should not contain "free" or "loose" metallic substances that may be harmful. Many alloys are compounds of various metals. Brass, for example, may have small quantities of lead added in order to make it suitable for engraving or stamping. When a metal such as lead is a part of an alloy compound, its toxicity is rendered negligible, because the base metals bond together atomically, binding them together. There is no "free" or "loose" lead in brass.

All our tags are free of highly toxic metals such as Cadmium and Mercury. These classes of metals are not contained in any alloys that we use for our tags.

Often, different metal tags have unique properties that make them suitable (or not) for different applications. Tagmakers knows how to determine what types of metal tags may be suitable for a specific application or environment. If you need advice on what type of metal tag to use for your specific purposes, we advise you to CONTACT US to discuss which metals are most suitable.

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