Aluminium Cloakroom Tags

Anodised Aluminium Cloakroom Tag Sets are made according to your requirements. These are extremely hard-wearing, tough tags that will last a long time.

Available in EIGHT brilliant metallic colours, these tags are top quality and are recommended for all establishments who appreciate quality and need to convey this to their patrons.

The tags are available in FOUR sizes, and you can choose the sizes you prefer. We make up each set according to how YOU want them, and will mix-and-match colour, size and quantity in several combinatons.

Aluminium Cloakroom Tags Set

The tag that REMAINS in the cloakroom should be large - as larger tags are more visible. By being abe to see the tag number quickly and easily, concierge and cloakroom staff can react quickly - very helpful at busy periods.

The tag that is handed to CUSTOMERS should be small - we suggest no larger than 25mm diameter - so it can fit easily in purses, wallets, bags and pockets.



Decide on what tag COLOUR you would like for the tag that stays in the cloakroom. Then choose a size (32mm, 38mm or 50mm diameters are shown).

A split-ring and claw clasp are included in the price.

Order the QUANTITY of these tags by inputting a quantity in the ADD TO CART box. It ay be that you want two or three tags in your cloakroom sets (one for coats, another for bags and perhaps even more... you decide.)

ADD these large tags to your cart, then "continue shopping" and return to this catgory to choose a tag that is handed to the CUSTOMER, Choose from the 25mm options. You can choose any colour, and again, any quantity - but usually it's necessary to have just one tag for the customer.

Then, add your selection(s) to your cart and continue...

(For more delails, read our PDF DOCUMENT)

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