Acrylic Plastic Traffolyte Tag - Red With White Text

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Not recommended for Pet Tags

While popular, Plastic tags are hard, but brittle, and can crack with relatively little effort. Choose METAL tags for pets.

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Complete as much as you need. NOTE: Leaving a blank line does not result in a space. All text is centered and concurrent. If you decide to use text on the front, do not leave the FIRST LINE blank.

If you decide to use the back of this tag, please do not leave the FIRST LINE blank.

Dog Control Act: 1992

Consider a spare

In UK law, dogs must be tagged when in public. Over 30% of dogs lose their tags annually. Buy 2 or more tags now and always have a spare.

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While we list plastic tags for use as Pet Tags (because some customers prefer them), we DO NOT RECOMMEND their use for pets. Plastic is hard, but brittle, and can crack and scratch relatively easily. These tags are NOT COVERED BY OUR GUARANTEE.

This tag has a white substrate and, when engraved, will reveal WHITE text on a RED background.

Tag sizes: 25mm and 30mm diameters. PLEASE CHOOSE your preferred size.

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