Jewel Pet Tags

Jewel and Diamante Pet Tags

This designer range of Jewel Pet Tags is for people who really like to spoil their pets - and themselves!

These tags are made of a tough alloy, plated in polished Nickel, giving them a sheen and lustre that is really excellent. They are extremely attractive Pet Tags, and each tag is studded with diamante jewels, set and embedded in the strong metal base with a resilient, domed resin coating.

The tags are 30mm in diameter and 2mm thick, resulting in a stong yet attractive tag that looks striking on all MEDIUM and LARGE dogs.

How to care for your Jewel Pet Tag

Do not use chemical or solvent-based cleaners on these tags. The diamante jewels are kept in place by a strong resin, but solvents may soften the resin, causing the diamante to fall out. In most cases, a soft, dry cloth is sufficient to wipe these tags clean, but if there is oil or grease on the tag, use a mild soap - such as bathroom hand-soap. Always rub the tag gently with a lint-free cloth.

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