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Our plastic cloakroom tags are made from tough, resilient, rigid Traffolyte, with FIVE laminated layers bonded together to give them extra strength. Cheaper options are unlikely to last as long as ours.

The tags are in sets of TWO, held together with a split-ring and lobster-claw clasp. This makes them easy to separate when handing a tag to a customer, but perfect for linking up when not in use. This minimises the risk of losing matching tags.

The more you order, the lower the unit price. See the table for unit prices per quantity.

SIZE: 30mm diameter

This tag has GREEN substrate, so GREEN TEXT will be revealed on a WHITE background

Numbers can be SEQUENTIAL or, if you need different numbering, simply indicate the requirements in the appropriate field above.

CLOAKROOM TAGS can take up to 5 working days to produce and dispatch. If you need them urgently, please contact us.

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