Cantle Nameplate - 11mm x 55mm



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These quality cantle nameplates are designed and manufctured to not cause irritation to the rider, or damage to jodhpurs, as they are highly polished with all edges rounded and deburred. They are supplied with round-head brass screws - also to  minimise irritation, scratching and damaging clothing. If you prefer, they can also be rivited to the sadddle - but we do not supply rivets. Chicago screws are also recommended. We do not supply these (yet).

Cantle plates can be ordered as a FLAT plate, or with a slight curve (convex) if the forward part of the cantle is itself curved. This curve can be accentuated or reduced by gentle bending once you receive the plate, but should take the shape of a cantle curve once fixed firmly to it

Each cantle plate we make is manufactured largely by hand, from top-quality 1.2mm-thick brass. Engraving is deep, with an option to infill the lettering with a coloured epoxy. Black is the most suitable - and the most stylish.

A resilient and transparent lacquer coating can be applied to the front of the plate to minimise tarnishing from natural oxidation, but most people prefer to leave the plate untreated as it can develop an attractive patina over time.

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