Aluminium Asset Tags and Plates

Aluminium is lightweigh and durable. We supply only ANODISED aluminium, because anodising results in a tough tag/plate that is resistant to scratching, bashing and bumping. The anodised materials we can supply are either:-

  1. Pre-anodised, etch engraved tags and plates. Here, the aluminium is cut to astandard shape, then electro-chemically anodised. The tags are then dyed in an indelible dye to give them a rich, metallic colour that cannot fade or rub off. We then etch engrave the characters onto the tag, leaving a vivid and permanent mark on the tag.
  2. SUb-surface printed anodised aluminium. This technique involves infusing the anodised layer with indelible dyes, using sohpisticated CMYK printing onto metal. Similar to how an office inkjet printer works, the technique allows for full colour as well as photographic finishes. After printing, the image (which can be text and graphics) is sealed into the tag using high-temperature sealants. The result is an extremely tough tag/plate that is virtually impervious to all volatile substances.

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