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Precision Engraving and Marking of Tags

Tag Makers is a national and international supplier of engraved tags, badges and identity pendants. If you are in need of an engraved tag, label or sign, Tag Makers will deep-engrave them using precision computerised equipment.

Large Order? Custom Tags Needed? We can help.

We have fulfilled bulk tag orders and custom designed tags for private individuals and many large corporations, including:

Some of tagmakers clients Some of tagmakers clients Some of tagmakers clients Some of tagmakers clients Some of tagmakers clients Some of tagmakers clients

... and many, many more. Use our ONLINE QUOTATION REQUEST form
to send us the details and we'll find a solution for you.

IMPORTANT! Read this before you buy!

You are probably visiting several websites that sell tags, looking for the best value for money. Before you choose what to buy, and where from, there are some important considerations when buying pet tags. Here are some pointers:-

  • Is the tag a solid, good quality tag?
    There are thousands of tags on sale on the internet, and a lot of these are badly manufactured. They are usually quite cheap, made from very soft metal alloys that may crack and break over time - particularly where the tag's hole is concerned.
    Tags with a looped "ring" at the top are particularly vulnerable to breaking or snapping. Very often, these tags are not inteded to be pet tags, but simple "charms" or "pendants". Some sellers buy these very cheaply, then sell them as pet tags. You'll probably pay very little for them, but they may break within a few days or weeks - then you'll have to go buy another tag.
  • Are the tags DEEP ENGRAVED?
    There are a lot of engraving techniques being used to engrave pet tags. Some engravers use what's known as "diamond impact" engraving, where a fine diamond-tipped "hammer" creates a small scratched dot on the surface of the tag. It may look OK when the tag is new, but because the engraving is nothing more than a superficial mark, it can soon wear off and be un-readable.
    Other engravers will use laser marking, which is OK on some surfaces like anodised aluminium. But again... it is mostly just a superficial mark which can wear away quite soon as your pet bumps, bashes, scrapes and rubs the tag.
    A pet tag must be DEEP ENGRAVED. Here, a diamond-tipped router tool literally carves a groove into the metal, removing the metal in the process. This leaves a permanent mark in the metal that will not fade or rub off. It is more expensive to engrave like this, because the cutting process blunts the diamond relatively quickly, but a good pet tag engraver will know that the text on the tag is perhaps its most important feature, so will deep-engrave your tag to make sure the lettering is PERMANENT.
    We deep engrave all pet tags.
  • Is the split ring strong?
    Practically all pet tag sellers will provide a free split ring to attach to the tag, but just how strong is this ring? If the split ring is not made of sprung steel, or is too "thin" or small, it will soon break or open up, allowing the tag to fall off.
    We use hardened sprung steel split rings that are then plated with other metals to both protect them, and to match the base colour of the metal the tag is made from.

TagMakers GUARANTEES your tag against defective materials and workmanship. We will replace a tag free of charge if it is shown to not meet high quality standards.

If you have seen a tag you like on another site, but are not sure if it meets all the points we make above, then phone the seller and ask them questions, using our info above as a guide.

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Enter your card details directly on our SSL Secure Checkout page. Your payment is processed within a few seconds, with card verification and encrypted data transfer happening in the background. Safe, secure, reliable and very quick, enabling you to checkout fast and get busy with something else.

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Quickly Repeat a Previous Order

If you need to order identical tags that you ordered in the past, use our handy QUICK RE-ORDER system.

You will need to LOGIN, as the system knows who you are to retrieve your past orders.

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Lifetime Guarantee on all pet tags

We buy the best quality tag blanks available, and we engrave them with precision CNC engraving machines. Our tags and labels are guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship, from the date of manufacture in our workshops, for the lifetime of your pet. SEE WHY DEEP ENGRAVING IS IMPORTANT!

We do not guarantee against loss, or damage caused by subjecting the tag to conditions it would not normally be subjected to. (For example, if you run over the tag with your car, or fire a blowtorch at it, we cannot apply our guarantee.)

We do all kinds of tags.

If you need an engraved tag for any purpose whatsoever, Tag Makers can design and produce it for you. We've manufactured specialist bespoke tags for:

  • Wedding Invitations
  • Shoe ID tags that go on the laces
  • Promotional items
  • Merchandising (Our tags have been used in Selfridges window displays)
  • Electrical component marking
  • Brand ID for designer pet products (Shyla)
  • Tags to mark artefacts at archaeological digs
  • Distance markers on model railways
  • Tag labels for collectible teddy-bears (Foxglove Bears)
  • Children's schoolbags, camera bags, backpacks and camping equipment
  • Tags to mark military equipment
  • Locker numbers in hospitals and schools

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