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Enamel Pet Tags 25mm - Novelty

Novelty and Fun Pet Tags

Be Different with a fun, novelty pet tag! Emphasise your pets character – and possibly even your relationship with them – by choosing one of our fun pet tags.

How are novelty pet tags made?

Our novelty and fun pet tags are manufactured using a technique called spin casting, or are die-struck from a thick sheet of base alloy metal – usually zinc alloys, brass or even copper. They are struck in the same way that coins are struck, then the blanks are then plated with several layers of premium nickel or chrome.

Spin casting involves pouring molten metal into a spinning mould, usually made out of vulcanised rubber, or special silicone compounds.

This gives them a beautifully shiny and hard-wearing surface that lends itself to engraving

These tags are then enamelled by hand, or by a sophisticated machine which squirts the enamel into the right cavities on each tag, using what is known as soft enamel. This is far from soft! The tags are baked at low temperatures to harden the enamel, before being finished off with doming resin.

How to look after your Novelty Pet Tag

Novelty pet tags are designed and made to take knocks and bumps, and should last quite a long time - even on the most excited and physically active pets.

Tags should be cleaned with mild soap and luke-warm water. It is advisable NOT to use solvent-based cleaning materials on these tags as the chemicals in the solvent may react with (and soften) the resin coating.

The engraved side should be buffed lightly with a soft cloth. Do not use metal polishes on these tags. Again, mild soapy water should be sufficient to remove dirt and grease.

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